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I began painting in 2007 when I enrolled in a watercolour class for beginners.


Over the years I've developed my own style, and many hours of fine brush work go into capturing the details and highlighting the beauty of each subject.


In 2012, I decided to branch out beyond watercolours so I experimented with oils and quickly grew to love working with them. Now I alternate between watercolours and oils, and choose between them based which style I feel the subject is best suited for.


You may notice my works prior to September 2014 are signed as Angela Adam. 
In September 2014, I married my best friend and became Angela Johnson. You will find my new pieces signed in my married name.


I hope my finished paintings inspire you to pause, enjoy, and see the beauty I've tried  to capture in my subjects.


You can find and purchase my works online through Fine Art America, or in person at an art show throughout the summer.  Hope you see something you like.


If you have a suggestion for a painting, or would like to request a commission, please submit your request using the Contact Me page.



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